It’s been a while…

I have been reading blogs again since I stopped working, and it has made me want to try posting again.

Lots of things have changed since my last post. Let’s see…
1)I started and stopped working after 6 months as a contractor for a company that makes fused silica apparatus for the semiconductor industry.  I think everyone (including me) thought it felt like I was there longer, because I got some really nice gifts when I left.
2)The reason I quit is because we are moving to Highland Park NJ in the middle of April so that Dr. B can start a new job at Rutgers University.
3)I just got back from a trip to find a place, which was great fun because our sister-in-law, Jennie, came up from Baltimore to spend the weekend with me. It was my first time in New York City, and boy am I smitten.
4)I’ve learned to knit and have been bitten by the knitting bug in a major way. Even found time to visit a LYS while I was in NJ and picked up one skein of sock yarn. Since I have so much packing to do, the knitting is limited to half an hour during the day as a reward. I have been known to do nothing all day but knit if I have a project I am into. It would be disasterous in this case, so I am exercising control.
5) After reading blogs about the Yarn Harlot’s “represent” day with yarn crawls in NYC, I am anxious to get out there, but I know Dr. B will flip out if my knitting habit really takes off. From what I see on the web, I am only in the early stages of the addiction. I will have to exercise discipline or get a job real quick to support my habit since the yarns available look so yummy.

Check out my flickr site if you want to see what our new apartment looks like. Checking out those photos and thinking about NYC is what keeps me moving in the drudgery that is packing.

I am going to try to post more, if only to be able to come back and read about what I have been doing when I look back and say “Where did all the time go?”



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