Well, it has been less than a week and already packing fatigue has set in. Progress has been made, but there is more stuff everywhere you look. I have limited the kitchen to 2 pots one pan and a couple of plate/bowls that I bought when we moved back to Berkeley and couldn’t find the dishes. 🙂

Considering we still have more than 2 weeks (the PODS container arrives on the 16th), I am not too worried, but maybe I should be. Dr. B spent Sunday working on the books and got one book case empty. That room is going to be a lot of work before it is all done. He put all the stuff he didn’t want in the rest of the house into that room, not to mention all the stuff he really wanted close by. Part sanctuary, part junk room, it will take a lot to empty it. Some of it I can do, but some of the books he still needs, so I am waiting for some direction.

Dr. B is still spending every day at work just like nothing is changing, trying to finish things before he leaves. He already has plans to come back to Austin in July to finish some stuff, but his new boss is going to want him to work there on the new stuff very quickly.

On the flip side, my secret sock is coming along nicely. I have turned the heel and am working on the gusset. I haven’t quite figured out how to keep there from being a hole right were the picked up stitches meet the top, but it doesn’t look too bad. Considering I have only knit one sock in cotton on US3 needles, I don’t feel too bad about it. Using nice sock yarn gives it a lovely look and feel. I am following Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s instructions in Knitting Rules! and things are going smoothly. She really makes a good argument for knitting in general, not that I needed much persuasion. I have made 3 hats and a sock since I read her book, and that is just the start. I have been reading knitting blogs for several hours a day. So much fun to see what people are making and what skill is out there. Hopefully one day I’ll have the skills and endurance to tackle a sweater.

At least in New Jersey I will have the weather for wool. Knitting is kind of a silly hobby in Texas. Too hot for most everything.

I snatched a couple of photos from Jennie’s flickr site of me in NYC. I can hardly wait to get back there!
Tea For Two
Times Square


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