Little Wonder

On Saturday I got a birth announcement for Griffin. He was born 2 lbs, 3.5 oz on June 19th to my friends Tiff and Drew. The pictures of the tiny babe made me want to make something to keep him warm and snuggly in the months ahead.

This sweater is the result. Shoulder to hem it is 10″ tall. Buttons are 1″. Considering he was born 15″ long, this will probably be huge for a while, but I’m hoping they like it just the same.

baby sweater

It is made from BERNAT Bamboo Natural Blends yarn in color Dill. At 67 yds per ball, it took 3 balls of yarn to make the One Skein Wonders Pattern “One-Skein-Wonder Baby Sweater”. I used 6mm (US10) needles and my gauge was smaller than the pattern’s at 14st/4″ ( pattern called for 12st/4″). The proportions seem ok and since I am knitting for a preemie, I figured smaller was better. The pattern says the stitches are large enough to accommodate buttons, but it didn’t look like it in my case, so I made button holes 2 stitches wide. I was thinking that the neck closed at 11″ and calculated button position with that number, realizing after I got to the top that the top 2 buttons were going to be closer since the front length is 9.5″. I think it worked out okay though, since I don’t think the top one will be buttoned much.

The yarn is incredibly soft and drapes rather than stretches. I hope the weight isn’t too much for little Griffin, and that it will be comforting for many months. It is so adorable, I am having trouble packing it up and sending it off.

Baby things are fun to make. They are so small, they just fly off the needles. Before I started the sweater, I finished a soaker for my new friend from Knit night, Larissa, who is expecting at the beginning of October and is planning on cloth diapering whenever possible. I made a size large of the Curly Purly pattern from some Deep Charcoal Lamb’s Pride Worsted she had in her stash. This was my first attempt at short rows, and there are some little holes on either side I’m not happy with, but for the purpose of covering cloth diapers, everything worked out just fine.

Curly Purly Soaker

I am also very close to finishing the “V-neck sweater with deep ribbing” from Fitted Knits. I just have to weave in the ends and block it, so I hope to have pictures by the end of the week. It was my first project with fancy yarn, and it turned out okay. I used the specified yarn, Cascade Pastazza, but I think I might be allergic to Llama wool. Every time I work with it, my eyes get itchy, but I’m still hoping to wear it. We’ll see.

That’s about it in knitting news.


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