Where does the time go?

Even with the best of intentions, I just can’t seem to post more than once a month.

Since my last post, we have flown to Omaha for Grandma B’s funeral, returned to have Scott knocked down by a flu for a couple days, and I went down to Baltimore to visit Dave (Scott’s brother) and Jennie and go to Stitches East.

Jennie and I took a one hour Market class on Saturday and walked around the Market all day. There was much yarn fondling, but I managed to be pretty restrained in my spending. Not much to post here, since it involves holiday gifts.

On the knitting front:

1. I made a scarf for Grandma B’s 85th birthday ( she lived 1 week beyond) from Red Heart Light and Lofty in Cornhusker colors.

Cornhusker Scarf

2. I finished knitting and lined the cabled purse from Patons (cabled purse pattern) in Lion Brand Wool Ease in Oxford gray. I lined it with fabric I picked up in Omaha.

3. I started a scarf in Malabrigo Merino Worsted yarn. The blue-green skein I got from my parents while we were on vacation at Saranac Lake, NY and the brown one (called Tortuga) I picked up at stitches east so I would have enough for a scarf. The pattern is My so-called scarf .

4. I started a sweater from Vogue Knitting Fall 2007 (#28, Center Motif Pullover) in Cascade Cloud 9. It is 50/50 merino wool/ angora, so it is very soft and quite fuzzy. It has been shedding a lot. I bought the yarn for the Fitted Knits Elizabeth Bennett Cardigan, but thought I’d like this sweater better. The pink is not my usual color, but it was on closeout when I bought it, so it’s growing on me. 🙂

The front and back of the sweater start from the center and are knit outward as a big square. The arms, neck, and bottom are picked up and knit from those squares. I have never made a sweater with this construction, but it looked interesting, so I thought I’d try it. So far I have finished the back, but need to block it to size before putting the pieces together.

In addition to knitting, Scott and I have been working on his web page. Check it out if you want to know what it is he does all day. 🙂

Well, that about brings this blog up to date, let’s see if I can update it more frequently.


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