Leftover project

What to do with half a skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted? Make a neck warmer of course!

This little project came from the yarn leftover after making the Striped and Scalloped hat from One Skein Wonders. I am not too fond of the hat, probably because the colorway I chose makes my head look like a watermelon, and I used a smaller needle, since I didn’t have size 7, but the neck warmer, I love. Very simple and can be worn as an ear warmer too.

Mock-cable neckwarmer

Needed: ~100 yds of worsted weight yarn ( I used Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Dusty Olive), Size US 6 needles, 4ea 5/8″ buttons

Gauge: ~19 st/4 in stockinette ( I didn’t actually swatch, and it is not critical for this pattern)


Note: psso= pass slipped stitch over (in this case over the two knit stitches and off the needle)

yo= yarn over – (just wrap like you were going to make a stitch, but without a loop from the left needle)

CO 28 st.

Row 1: s1, k2, p2, *s1, k2, psso, p2*, repeat * * 3 more times, k3 (24 st on needle)

Row 2: s1, p2, k2, *P1, yo, P1, K2* , repeat * * 3 more times, p3 (28 st on needle)

Row 3: s1, k2, p2, *k3, p2*, repeat * * 3 more times, k3

Row 4: s1, p2, k2, *p3, k2*, repeat * * 3 more times, p3

Repeat rows 1-4 34 times or until desired length.

Final Dimensions, 21″ long x 3.5″ wide

Sew buttons to second cross near cast on edge. Button into yo holes.


One response to “Leftover project

  1. Saw it in person – looks great. Fantastic idea for windy days or people with young ones who like to grab dangling things.

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