Progress… an arm and a neck

Though I have a few projects finished, I can’t show them here until Christmas, in order to have some surprise left.

I have, however, also been making progress on my angora sweater that I hope to wear at Christmas time.

An arm and a neck

Here is the picture. One arm and turtleneck finished, other arm and 2.5″ of ribbing at the bottom to go.

The pattern is from Vogue Knitting -Fall 2007. Center Motif Pullover (#28) by Betty Monroe. The yarn is Cascade Cloud 9 in a discontinued coral color, knit on US6 metal Boye circulars and double point needles (dpns).

I have modified the pattern only slightly.

Rather than bind off each side of the body and seam them together, I put each side on a US6 circular and did a three needle bind off for the stitches required.


I decreased two stitches on either side of the neck to maintain the 2×2 rib all the way around, thereby decreasing the amount of concentration required. I only knit the neck to 6 inches, rather than the 8.5 the pattern states, since my neck is not 4.25″ long. To bind off, I knit the last two rows of the neck on US8 needles and did the standard bind off in pattern.


I modified the pattern so that the arm was knit in the round on 2 circulars and dpns. I decreased the extra 2 stitches that would be used for sewing seams between the pattern decrease rows somewhere in the first 1.5″ of pattern. When I reached 18″ of sleeve, I switched to US8 dpns, and knit another 5 rows before using the standard bind off in pattern.

2 responses to “Progress… an arm and a neck

  1. Thanks. It’s been a fun knit so far, but I am looking forward to wearing it more than I am knitting the other arm. 🙂

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