Snow and an FO

Well, it really is winter here in Central NJ. We have the snow to prove it. Here’s a view from our patio door.

I made Scott take a walk with me in the snow to grab a couple shots of his new hat. It is the Marsan watchcap from I knit it from 2 oz. of Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair, even though it calls for 3.5-4 oz. I had exactly 1 ft of yarn left, so I don’t know if I can get that lucky again. I used US8 dpns from Lion Brand (set of 5) and knit the Large size (88 stitches to start).

The purl stitches look a bit open, but he says it is pretty warm. I don’t think I would do the decreases at the beginning of each dpn again, since it lead to ladders at the decrease. I haven’t blocked it yet, but it may have to wait until it needs washing. 🙂

Overall it was a very easy knit.


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