A Horse of a Different Color

A little while back, Larissa asked me to crochet a couple of toys for friends with new babies. The first one I finished right away. It was this dragon based on a pattern for the Baby Snow Dragon by oldbaglady on Crochetville. I added more spines and a pair of wings, and he flew off to his new owners right away.

The second one took longer. I was trying to create an original cat pattern, but finally gave up after every attempt looked more scary than cute. I settled on making a horse, since I hadn’t before and have good memories from childhood of a stuffed horse named Morris. I used a pattern from Katrina’s Crochet Creations for Amara the Unicorn. I sewed the legs on so that they are fixed and used yarn for the eyes and nostrils, rather than glue on beads as suggested. The tail was put on with the same “latch hook” method rather than one tassel.  He will be trotting off shortly.

Other projects are racing along, but will not be revealed until the packages are opened.


3 responses to “A Horse of a Different Color

  1. I love the mane and tail on the horse!

  2. Those are adorable!! Sometime I will have to try my hand at a stuffed creature….I have stuffing since I did recently make a doll puppet whose head needed to be stuffed.

  3. I didn’t think the cat was scary – just very realistic. Looking forward to all your knitting FOs – and must show you my Hemlock before it’s out the door.

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