Catching up: Part 3 – New Year’s Eve

After having Takeshi over for Christmas dinner, he invited us to his place for New Years Eve. He served oden, a first for us and very tasty! The link to wikipedia probably gives the best description, but essentially it is fish that has been ground up and formed into different shapes and treated in various ways (frying , burning with a torch, etc) which you buy and then boil in fish broth with the japanese root vegetable daikon, eggs and other things. He drove to a japanese market in NJ about 1.5 hours from here to procure the ingredients.

After dinner we played with the Kapla blocks he had bought himself as a holiday gift. I decided to build the building drawn on the cover one of the boxes and it ended up using all but 3 of his blocks to complete. The guys let me play long after it stopped being fun for them. 🙂

Here are some pictures taken by Takeshi.


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