Good Idea or Amigurumi gone wrong?

After a conversation with my Mother-in-law about the Bath Puffs I gave her for Christmas being good size and shape for young kids to use as balls, I had this idea.

“Why not crochet a little animal with a puff for a body that could be used as a toy? I’ve never made an elephant before, so I’ll try that.” This is what I came up with.


When you are sitting at home dreaming up things, it is hard to know if what you’re making is cute or crazy. The ladies at knit night seemed to not think I was crazy, so my question to you is, if I were to write up the pattern would you be interested in it? Would you buy one of these little guys if you don’t crochet? I am trying to gauge whether it is worth the time, or if I should work on something else. The pattern would definitely have better pictures. 🙂

Thanks in advance for your comments/e-mails.


4 responses to “Good Idea or Amigurumi gone wrong?

  1. I don’t crochet (and am too lazy to learn), so wouldn’t buy the pattern, but I think that would make an awesome bath toy for a kid – and might encourage them to use soap and get clean rather than just splash.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t know if I would try to sell the pattern or just put it out there for free. I did some novel things to have the ears attached to the head without any sewing, but I don’t know if that is enough to justify the effort of figuring out how to sell patterns.

  3. I think it’s cute. Makes me think of flower animal hybrids — GMO amigurumi. 😉

  4. Good day too you Stellar ,
    Hope you have many more days of prosperous Crocheting.. I really love you Elephant and Danny the flower I found myself in a real gaze at the two of them I dont which one out the two i likes more.. IM all new to this.. but am slowly getting a few patterns that i will love to try out.Most of my work is give tothe kids in the hospital, the health unit as well. and when the give kids and inoculation for the flue.. I pay imensley for the wool, but is for a good cause. I was hope maybe you would be kind enough to send me Danny and elephant.. Keep on at it.. As I fund that work will bring you lotsof good memories…. Carla

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