New Year FOs and a couple loose ends

A New Year FO list (all but #1 were started and finished in January) :

1. Well, I finally got the rest of my Mom’s Christmas Gift out the door. It was this scarf, to match the Gretel Beret.

Pattern: Serpentine cable pattern ( like the one used in Gretel) from Barbara Walker Treasury #1 (pg 286) with a twist (pun intended). To make the scarf two-sided, I crossed the purl stitches between the knit stitches to put the double twist on both sides.

4 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran on US6 needles

The scarf took a while to make, but was worth the result.

2. Chunky Alpaca Hat for Mother-In-Law’s Birthday (1/12/08)

Pattern: Improvised using Barbara Walker’s close Braid cable (Book 1, pg 249).

Less than one skein of Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande on US10.5 circular needles

3. Robot Pot holder

Had leftover’s from the hat I made for Christmas so I double knit and lightly felted (by hand) this pot holder. Fans of Futurama may recognize the binary from the episode “The Honking”.

See Catching up part 1 for pattern details. Rowanspun DK on US6 needles.

4. StellarB flip top mitts

This is a FO I am very proud of. I sat down and worked out the whole pattern from scratch. I hope to get it written up, though right now it seems a little complicated and I don’t have a good way to chart the cables, except by hand on graph paper. Thumb position relative to the cables had me ripping back a few times.

Yarn is Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair, color: wintergreen. Probably 1.3 skeins ( about 200 yds). Knit on US6 (though yarn calls for US8) to make them more impervious to water.

If I make them again, I will widen the cap connection slightly so that it has to stretch across the hand when cap is back and will be less floppy.

May be looking for test knitters if I write this one up.

5. Another pot holder from leftovers

Yet another double knit design from leftovers. Used this knitting graph paper generator to chart a modified clip art picture. Here is the Paw Chart pdf I used.  I had to make some executive decisions on the gray areas.  I have not felted this one yet, but it is practically finished. 🙂

6. A 2 x 2 rib hat.

With the yarn leftover from Marsan watchcaps and Stellarb flip top mitts, I knit this striped, ribbed cap for myself.


Recipe for 2×2 Scrap-Striped Rib Cap

Yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair. Probably 1.2 skeins total

Gauge: 4 st/in on US8 16″ circular and set of 5 dpns.

CO 80 stitches, k2 p2 for 8 inches (changing colors as scraps dictate). Place marker at start of round. *K2 P2 for 20 stitches, place marker* repeat from * * twice, then start crown decreases.

Crown decrease: *After marker, k1, ssk, continue in k2 p2 pattern (according to row below) to next marker* repeat 3 more times per round.

Decrease every round (switching to dpns when required) until 32 stitches remain. Cut a 12″ length of yarn and use yarn needle to thread clockwise through all stitches, twice. weave in ends.


And in case you are wondering if I had help, I did. Sam kept track of things when I got up. 🙂


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