Not knitting, but FOR knitting

So until today I had not been knitting a lot recently, but I have been sewing.

I finished a second knitting bag using my instructions and adding a zipper pocket that I kept wishing the original bag had. This time I’ve taken pictures and am working on proper sewing instructions with photos that should be a pdf on my blog in the next week or so.
finished knitting bag side view
knitting bag with zipper pocket

Today I’ve been knitting, since we were told that the water was going to be off in the apartment all day. I decided that I would probably like to use the bathroom at some point, so I went to work with Scott. With no computer access I got quite a bit of knitting done, not to mention that this evening was our Twisted Stitchers meetup night so I had another couple hours. I’m working on the ” 103-1 Jacket in Eskimo or Silke-Alpaca with A-shape and ¾-long or long sleeves” from DROPS design using RYC Soft Tweed.

Here’s the picture from the website, mine will be done in a week or so.
DROPS Design Jacket

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