Spring, where are yooou…?

Danny Daffodil  Danny's side view

Danny Daffodil would like to take a moment to point out to Spring, if you are reading this, that it is high time you let the sun shine in.  He’s ready to play, but still worried about the cold.  He’ll even show you the way.

Danny is freeform crocheted out of Caron Simply soft and Red heart Soft yarn.  For some reason, I had a picture of a flower guy pop into my head and I just had to make him.  Probably one of the stranger dolls I’ve made, but he’ll keep Claude company.  🙂

4 responses to “Spring, where are yooou…?

  1. Cute! I like how the petals turned out. Your amigurumi reminds me of those toy flowers that dance to music.

  2. You’re right, I remember those. Maybe that’s where the idea came from, buried deep in my memory. 🙂

  3. Sarah-

    Everything you decide to do is so very creative!

  4. Danny is very cute and also reminds me of the toy flowers that danced also.

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