Mission Accomplished

Well, it took 3 days, but I finally processed all the food I bought for the freezer.  It really did feel like industrial processing, cycling through steps just to clean up and start again.  My biggest problem was the lack of pans.  I have enough for normal baking and casserole making, but not for making 8 casseroles at once.  I ended up lining my pans with heavy strength aluminum foil then filling and freezing the dishes overnight.  In the morning I took the food and foil out of the pan, bagged it, vacuum sealed it and put it back in the freezer.  In some cases I peeled the foil off before storing.  When it comes time to eat it, I’ll thaw it in the pan I froze it in and finish the cooking in the oven. Want the list of what I made?

  • 2 lasagna
  • 3 meatloaves
  • 6 packages of meatballs (14 meatballs per package- serving for 2)
  • 3 packages of spaghetti sauce with italian sausage (a lot of it didn’t make it to the freezer since we’ve been eating it all week)
  • 4 chicken broccoli casseroles
  • 5 meals of “Mexi-Chicken” (chicken taco filling with barley in it)
  • 2 meals of ham broccoli bake (skeptical of this one, but we’ll see how it tastes)
  • 4 meals of scalloped potatoes and ham

I also had 1 lb of ham and a chicken leftover.  Instead of making chicken soup, we ate the chicken from the crock pot and I used the ham to make 15 bean cajun soup last night.  Whew, I’m tired.  Kind of fizzled before the last cleanup, so that is still in progress. I’m letting the dishwasher do most of the work, I just need to unload and reload once more.


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