Daily Archives: April 30, 2010


It has been forever since I posted.  I’ve decided to start again, but my focus has shifted dramatically from fibers to home repair/renovation.  I will post mostly about house stuff, since that is what I seem to be doing the most of, with a few knitting/spinning projects here and there.

A bullet list of things that have happened in the last year since I posted:

  • Etsy shop started to become a full  time job with not much profit, so I stopped selling.  (Though I do have a few things in inventory yet, if anyone is interested)
  • Got a spinning wheel for my birthday and started spinning fibers, bot common and exotic.  So far I’ve made a cardigan out of black merino I spun, plied an ounce of handspun cashmere with an ounce of handspun camel, spun two different colors of alpaca and a whole bunch of wool (mostly merino tops from the Rose Tree)
  • Started working 1 day a week at the Rose Tree Fiber Shop in Ames (usually Wednesdays, 12-5)
  • Revisited a frustrating home improvement project (stripping paint from baseboards and molding) and got a second wind.
  • Knitted many small projects for family and friends, but haven’t done much photographing

I have more paint stripping awaiting me right now, but I will make the next post about my first major house project and try to catch up as quickly as possible.

A couple of knitting pictures, for interest…