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Overdue update

So this appears to be a quarterly posting; I just have not gotten into blog writing, though blog reading, I love!

I will try again to update my blog more frequently; Ravelry is certainly a good motivator. That website is a huge collective database linking people, projects, patterns, and yarn with forums and groups to boot. I enjoy looking at other people’s blogs so much, I feel a little guilty remaining anonymous.

So, since last I posted…

  • We have successfully moved to Highland Park, NJ and Scott is working hard on his new subject: modeling of piezoelectric materials at Rutgers with Dr. Vanderbilt in Condensed Matter Physics.
  • I have been looking for work that might use my background, but the options seem to be few and far between.  I will have to start looking outside of MatSci soon, since there seem to be plenty of jobs in other disciplines.
  • Rather than obsess about finding a job, I’ve been getting crafty! Between knitting, crochet, papercraft and now sewing, I have found plenty of ways to distract myself. Here are pictures of a few of my projects.

Tank Top with Tahki Amigo yarn
Like the yarn, not sure I love the pattern. Sewing on the straps before sewing the side seam meant that I have too much strap material under the arm. Not sure how to deal with that, so it’s just a UFO for now.

Thank you note
Mixed media card with crocheted violets sewn to a leaf-stamped 2″ x 2″ square. Curtains are paper tied on with ribbon.


A “try out your sewing machine project”. Found at Allsorts.

Wrist Rest

A simple sewing project- Wrist rest filled with poly pellets and covered with a washable pillowcase.
Some fabric I picked up cheap in Texas to practice with.

Monster Can

Of course you have to be silly when using a glue gun!
My paperclip pocket looked too much like a lower jaw to let it pass without eyes. 🙂
Craftleftovers was the inspiration.

Alpaca Glove/Mittens
(from MAGknits- urban necessity pattern)

Glove part is done , but I am having trouble with the mitten cap part. Check out my dpn holder, another easy sewing project.

There’s more, but I am starting to get posting fatique. Check out my flickr photos if you want to see more. I finally set up a craft area for myself, which means I spend less time hunting for supplies and more time making things. I am also switching between crafts much more often, since it is all on hand. I’m not sure if this helps productivity, but I am certainly not bored. 🙂

In other news, I finally met some local knitters and crocheters last night! After all this virtual community lurking I have been doing, I actually got together with real knitters and crocheters! I went to the Twisted Stitchers meetup group bi-monthly meeting at a cafe in Metuchen, NJ. I met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun talking with people. My knitting was a bust (the mitten caps were just too big and I had to rip it out -I will work on it when I am less distracted) but hanging out with people was great. It has been a long time since I have hung out with people that aren’t physicists, and though those people are great, the diversity was appreciated.

Whew, I should do this more often so it doesn’t take so much time and I can cover more. There was a trip with my parents in July to Lake Placid, NY to watch my Brazilian exchange student brother compete in an IronMan too, but I don’t have the motivation to post about it right now.

Maybe later…Ciao.

The end of David and Jennie’s Wedding day

The end of David and Jennie’s Wedding day

Originally uploaded by Stellar Babble.

By the end of the day, we were all tired, but Rodney did finally get a shot of Scott and I together. Since he was best man, we didn’t see too much of each other that day. He looks sharp in the tux though

The Morning of David and Jennie’s Wedding

The Morning of David and Jennie’s Wedding

Originally uploaded by Stellar Babble.

For those that want to know what I wore to David and Jennie’s wedding in May, here’s a nice shot that Rodney (their photographer) took. This is in the bridal suite where the ladies were preparing for the wedding. I am wearing a vintage dress I found in Berkeley.