Claude the Cactus

Some dedicated Ravelry users have formed a group called “This week in Ravelry” which puts out a newsletter/forum just to make people aware of what other people are doing with Ravelry. This is where I found a description of a group called “Picto Create“. This group has a great concept. Every Monday, a photograph is posted. The members of the group then use that photo as inspiration for creating something fiber related. I just thought I would browse, but when I saw the photo, I just had to make something.

Here is this week’s photo.

Barrel Cactus

and here is my inspired work:

Claude the Cactus

Claude on the move

Claude the Barrel Cactus

I’ve written the crochet pattern up in table form. For now it can be found here as a spreadsheet.

ETA: Use this pattern for personal enjoyment only, please do not sell your work or claim the pattern as your own.

Made with leftover Lion Brand Fun Fur and Yarn Bee Icelandic Jewels, this guy took 3 hours to make. Perfect for someone like me, who can’t keep a cactus alive, Claude will join the other crazy toys until he finds a better home.

2 responses to “Claude the Cactus

  1. Absolutely-adorable!

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