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The knitting bag

I have had a serious knitting habit for at least a year and a half. In that time, I have used many things as knitting bags: plastic bags, gift bags, canvas bags, and my favorite – this magazine holder from Michaels that I got on clearance.

knitting box

The thing about my favorite bag is that it is actually a box. A box covered in fabric and handles, but a box none the less. I like it because it stands upright and open and can hold the magazine or book I am working from, needles, yarn and project without a problem. The drawbacks to using a box are that it is not compressible, when tipped it tends to send the contents flying, it doesn’t have any pockets, and it is not the kind of thing you carry around in public. The handles hardly come together, making it possible but uncomfortable to carry.

After a couple of experiments at the sewing machine, I decided that I knew what I wanted my knitting bag to look like and set about making it. I had about 1 yard of fabric from Grandma Beckman that I wanted to use, but I knew it wasn’t going to be durable. So I bought some canvas at Walmart and set to work making a bag that had the print I wanted, but was durable on the bottom, knowing it would be sitting on the floor beside me a lot.

This is the result. (Click for a closer view)

My knitting bag Inside the knitting bag Knitting bag in use

I figured if I was going to put canvas on the bottom, it might as well be pockets. I also knew that I preferred the inside of the bag to be light colored, so I just accented the inside with the print on the inside pockets. The final dimensions are 11.5″ W x 5″ D x 10.5″ H. If I had more experience I would have used interfacing to attach the lining to the bag more firmly, but even still, I love it. I stitched down the bottom of the bag and the four corners to keep the lining in place after assembly, but fusible interfacing would have been much simpler.

I made a number of mistakes that took more time than it would have if everything went perfect, but in the end it was about 10 hrs. of work. If anyone is interested, I can publish the pattern at a later date. I think I will make more after my Christmas knitting is finished, and at that time I will be able to take pictures as I go.

I have also finished my center motif sweater, but still haven’t blocked it. I’ll put up nice pictures when that’s done. In the mean time, here’s a teaser picture in our dirty mirror.

Bag on arm