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Well, there I was going about my business on the computer, taking a break from knitting by checking e-mail, browsing Ravelry, and making a wish list of seeds at the Seed Savers Exchange, when I decided to check in on my blog stats.  It is always fun to see the 50-80 hits a day and know that people are using my patterns and checking in.

Much to my surprise, the blog stats that wordpress provides said that I had over 600 hits to my webpage, specifically the Mock Cable Neckwarmer pattern.  And it keeps climbing!  My blog has over 1000 hits today and I have no idea why.  It seems that a lot of the viewers are being referred by an e-mail, but I have no idea who sent it or what it said.  My curiosity is killing me and I’d love to thank the person for the referral.  If any one of those viewers would like to leave a comment to let me know what is going on, I would greatly appreciate it.  It could be a good last minute holiday gift pattern, so I’m assuming that was the reference.

I have been knitting continuously the past few days, even though I told myself I wouldn’t make so many gifts this year.  The biggest project has been finishing a sweater for Scott that I started over a year ago without a pattern and only a vague notion of what the final product would look like.  I knit a 3x 2 rib in the round up to the armholes, but it took 3 tries(including one with a partial sleeve that had to be ripped out) before I got it right.  Ever since I got two books: Designing Knitwear by Deborah Newton and Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti in December of 2007, I have been planning this sweater.  Maggie Righetti is a big fan of circular needles and even outlines a method of using short rows to create the sleeve cap for set in sleeves.  I used this method and the sleeve cap math from Deborah Newton to finally get the sleeves right.

I worked a couple of full days on it last week and as soon as I cast off the collar, he wanted to wear it.  I took it back to weave in the ends and haven’t touched it since.  I hope to block it and he would like the sleeves to be a little longer (so I will probably pick up stitches and add the same ribbing I used on the collar) but I have no idea when.  I also hope to get a picture with him in it but I was planning to block it first.  🙂  The 5 inches of snow and high temperatures of 8 degrees F make his first and only wool sweater very attractive.  He has worn it to work every day this week.

When I get photos I will add the other knitterly details.  Now I must get back to weaving in ends, blocking and felting gifts that will be revealed after the recipient knows about them.

Happy Holidays, and good luck with your last minute preparations.

When you think you know…

After 9 years of marriage, you begin to see patterns. You can usually predict what your spouse is going to do and what kind of gifts they give. We don’t usually exchange holiday gifts, and the last gift I was given was a remote control helicopter. Fun? Yes, but not what I would have picked out for myself.

Today Scott out did himself. He has been saying for days that he has a surprise coming in the mail for me. I had trouble thinking what it could be. He made a big deal about hoping the company was discrete, and how he made sure it had my name on it. I admit he had me quite scared.

Then today a box came from Amazon.com. Scott, who was working from home, ran upstairs and couldn’t wait for me to open it. I opened it and I have to admit I was stunned.

Barbara Walker’s treasury of knitting patterns

He bought me knitting books! And not just any books, but the ones I have been longing for and restraining myself until after the holidays: Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns! THE go to guide for stitch patterns. Just flipping through them I see endless possibilities. This will be the beginning of full on design for me. I can’t wait, and Christmas gift planning is already being adjusted to incorporate some patterns from these books.

He sure teases me about knitting, but wants to see me go as far as I can with it. What a guy! With the pressure he’s under from work, I don’t know how he has time to notice me, but I sure do appreciate it.

Just goes to show that when you think you know, you’re most likely to be surprised.