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Packing Procrastination Project practically phinished

Okay, it has been an embarrassing long time since I last blogged, but I’ve got a good reason…I’ve been knitting.  😛

Seriously, I have been doing other things, but knitting is a very nice diversion with all the chaos.  I’ve been finishing up projects that had been in the “weave in ends and block” pile and chose a project that I figured would carry me through to Iowa.  As Scott predicted, once I start something I can’t put it down, so today I finished it.  To be fair, I have done a lot of packing too, but there is only so much you can do in a day before you want to run away screaming.  We are getting closer, which is good, because our shipping container arrives tomorrow and gets picked up next Saturday.  At that point all the stuff has to be on its way.

The project I have been working on is the Central Park Hoodie using Cascade 220 Heathers in a color I believe is called Shire.  I love it and I plan to live in it this fall.  I still have to find buttons, but I plan to buy them on line when I get to Ames.

We close on our house on September 15th, we’ll unload the container and then Scott will return to NJ for a while to finish up his work at Rutgers before coming back.  I hope to get us settled and get some routines established before he starts work.  Just for kicks, here is a picture my Dad took of us in front of our new house on our second walk through.

It’s getting exciting now, though the packing is very tedious.  Now that the knitting is done, I have no choice but to finish the work to get us out of here.  Probably a good thing.

The next post will be coming to you from Iowa.  Crazy to think about.  Ciao.